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 Armoury of Castles/Town

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Armoury of  Castles/Town Empty
PostSubject: Armoury of Castles/Town   Armoury of  Castles/Town EmptySun Jan 18, 2015 6:48 pm


On my favourite player request, i finally decided to add Armoury for Castles/Town. They are fully accesses-able by any player. Leaders/Owner of Castle/Town can either lock the armoury so no one can store item or take item from it.

It allows you to store all weapons and shields except Arrows and crossbow. Since Crossbow. Maybe ill add crossbows option later on when i get free time and have nothing to script but atm i have big deals in my mind.

They save all the items you store in it. Even there after restart with amazing interior (Mapped by me, ofc).

I would like to wish all the Owners and Leaders of Towns/Castles, Enjoy the new system. Now you can store items from Wars.

CMD to Lock the armoury:


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Armoury of Castles/Town
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