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 Up-Coming Claimable Castles.

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PostSubject: Up-Coming Claimable Castles.    Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:24 pm


As you all noticed the new castles in game. Currently we are working on a system which is going to be conquer system. Its for faction and kingdom both. If you already own a castle. You cant own two. You have to either pass it down to your lords or whatever your underboss rank is.

There will be 4 Castles at the moment, will go up to 8. Castles will give you 20 Coins. You can collect them from the market. Moving gates. Only available for person whos controling the Castle.

Current Castles will be renamed to TOWNS. Example: Jelkala Castle = Jelkala Town.

We are going to install a NEW Sieges vehicle. It will be a huge tower made of WOOD. 2 Cows infront. Factions can use it to get through those walls. Making it a VERY interesting War Roleplay.

Its in process so it might take some time.

We are also looking foward to add more interesting system in there.

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Up-Coming Claimable Castles.
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