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 Fighting Policy

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PostSubject: Fighting Policy   Fighting Policy EmptyThu Apr 02, 2015 3:02 pm

Both types of fights are allowed if the attacker has a valid RP reason for the assault. RP-ing injuries is not necessary during a script fight. The attacked player has the right to turn the a RP fight into a script fight (the attacker doesn’t have the right to decide but the victim has to warn the attacker about switching to script fighting; e.g.: The victim says in /b “I would like to switch this roleplay fight to a script fight. . . I am about to start shooting at you, are you ready to script fight?”. The attacker responds in /b: “Sure. I am ready.” and the script fight starts). During a RP fight each damage given has to be done scriptly according to the injury severity (If the victim dies in the process the death shall be taken as an IC accident). In a clean script fight where the fight starts when the attacker has struck the first hit or the attacker has shot at the opponent, is recommended, but not necessary, to warn the target about the beginning of script fight. The consequences of the first hit or shot in a RP fight has to be RP-ed.RP-ing shots where the shooter doesn’t have a clean shot is not allowed, the shot has to be scripted and the script fight is engaged no matter who was the attacker and who the victim in the RP fight.
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Fighting Policy
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