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 Marchant system and Donator system

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Marchant system and Donator system Empty
PostSubject: Marchant system and Donator system   Marchant system and Donator system EmptySat Mar 21, 2015 12:34 pm

Greetings all,

Yes, Im back on scripting the server and everything. Now i finally finished a merchant system for everyone. Like in normal roleplays. You see theres people actually selling their cars, houses etc on the command called /ad which is known for Advertisement (The green chat). Well, This is most likely the same thing. Only differance is. You will be selling your items. Like Apples, Oranges, Wool. Etc. You can sell them for HIGHER prices if they get short on market. Commands are, /sellitem /buyitem

Anyone caught money farming will be banned without any questions.

Second release is related to Donators, Now donators have only limited amount of days to enjoy their donator rank, So far. Only advantage they had is the Caravan and Hidden Blades. Well to built a process of bringing more items and powerfull people onto the server to make it more interesting. I allowed Donator to actually spawn crafting items like Cotton, Seeds, Leather etc. Command is /spawnitem

Enjoy everybody,

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Marchant system and Donator system
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