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 Time for Battle!

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Time for Battle!  Empty
PostSubject: Time for Battle!    Time for Battle!  EmptyTue Jan 27, 2015 7:02 pm

Hey guys,

Im posting this new update sections here today, Server contains Animals now. Im not sure if Crossbow works on them atm. I havent tried it. But you need to be in a close range to do it to avoid abusing it. Now here are some news. There few different type of animals. I didnt find the right models but i tried making them look alike as possible.

Heres the list of animals which are added ingame at the moment:

- Buffalo
- Cheetah (Fast attacker)
- Alpha Buffalo (Major boss)

Alpha Buffalo is the main boss, It have really high HP. Really high giving damage. Im not sure if you can hunt it alone. But its possible to do it with friends. Or you can do it alone unless you have really good supplies of Armoury or HP.

Text added for weapons, If someone drops any sort of item on the ground. It will show you the text on it with the command. This brings huge help to new players since they dont know how to pick items from the ground or whats the command for it.

Major bug with plant, camp and campfire text is fixed now. It wont disappear now.

New Colors and Rampage Goats added, Okey. So far. Goats were being killed without any counter attack by them. I find it unfair. You guys shall battle the goat as well. It wont do any large mount of damage but fighting 20 different goats, God help you then.

Fruits system added. There are 2 fruits which got replaced by new once. Apples replaced Cabbages and Oranges replaced Berries. New SAMP update will be out so im just gonna replace the current object with the lastest models of objects of fruits which is going to be awsome! and more realistic.


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Time for Battle!
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