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 Happy moment! for all of us

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Happy moment! for all of us Empty
PostSubject: Happy moment! for all of us   Happy moment! for all of us EmptySun Jan 25, 2015 10:41 pm


Its here that you all been demanding of! Faction/Kingdom Color system. Yes. I did it finally. Completed it late but i did it. With some helps from SAMP forums. Some dudes help me out made it successfully done. I would like to give a huge thanks to Nero_3D from SAMP forums to actually helping me step by step to make it happen.

Color system was a really huge pain in my ass. I NEVER worked on colors. Its was a huge experience for me. I usually get something done by a day but this was on hold for 3 days. Which really pissed me off time by time. No worries. Its done and working fine so far.

- Color System for all Kingdoms and Factions. Which means, their Caravan, Flags, Town Flags, Messages and everything will the same color as their faction color
- Alot of bugs solved.
- 50 Faction slots added for players, Now they dont have to struggle or wait for a free slot.
- Auto Removing system added for Inactive factions. Daily 1 Hour is required faction Leaders+Members to forfill, Its like a mini task for them to achieve. Explained here in details: click here

Dont remember adding or fixing anything.... Ohh well. Enjoy


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Happy moment! for all of us
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