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 1 Month Free Donator Rank

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Server Owner

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PostSubject: 1 Month Free Donator Rank   1 Month Free Donator Rank EmptyTue Jan 06, 2015 7:26 pm


Extreme and I decided to give out free 1 month donator membership for all new members for a good start. They will earn all the benefits of the Donator.

1. Double Paycheck
2. Hidden Blades (Middle Mouse button to trigger it)
3. Access to Caravans (Level 3 Still required)
4. Double Job Money
5. Toggle PMs.
6. Block PM access
7. Donator Chat
8. Free Namechanges (Any time) (Unlimited)
Much more! More features will be added soon.

Enjoy everyone,

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1 Month Free Donator Rank
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